Today in the city Howey-in-the-Hills 19.02.2018
Apple Leads BCG's 2018 List Of The Most Innovative Companies

43% of strong innovators are investing in Big Data today versus 26% of weak innovators. These and many other insights are from the Boston Consulting Group’s 12th annual report The Most Innovative Comp...

What Happened To Stocks During The 2013 Shutdown

So what happened to the stock market during the government shutdown in 2013? Are there any technical signs now to think that something similar will occur or will the market just ignore it?

Could Cryptocurrencies Imploding Tank The Stock Markets?

There is a concern that if cryptocurrencies were to fall dramatically that they could hurt the stock markets. When you think through who owns digital currencies I believe the odds for a spillover impa...

In One Year, Trump Dismantled Reproductive Rights Around The World

Abortion rights advocates say the Trump administration is putting anti-abortion activists in influential roles.

After Thomas Morgan Lost His Sister To Murder, He Went Into Film. Rebelhouse Studios Is The Result.

The story of how Thomas Morgan started making films to change the world; and what his studio offers to help filmmakers who want to do the same.

<p>10 things you need to know today: <em>January 20, 2018</em></p>

1. The U.S. government shut down at midnight on Friday after a four-week spending bill, which passed in the House Thursday, failed 50-49 in the Senate. It needed 60 votes to pass. President Trump and...

This California Company Is Redefining The Yoga Industry

Brian Shields went from attorney to entrepreneur, thanks to his love for the environment. The Encinitas-based surfer and yogi thought he had his dream job as an environmental attorney. That is till he...

Chaos from Hawaii false alarm shows we still don't know what to do

Disaster preparedness experts said that the Hawaii missile threat false alarm could provide a teachable moment to educate the public.

GOP rival labels Hawaii governor 'Doomsday David' after false alarm fiasco

A Hawaii GOP gubernatorial candidate has labeled Democratic incumbent Gov. David Ige "Doomsday David" and called on him to resign over the state's recent false alarm fiasco.

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